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No hand written NVR application will be accepted from 03 April 2017.

Welcome to Bangladesh High Commission in London


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Welcome to the official web site of the High Commission of Bangladesh, London, UK. This site is intended primarily to provide helpful information regarding Bangladesh, and about the functioning of the various wings of this Embassy. It lists contact points for various service that the Embassy provides. It also makes available various consular forms for downloading, along with relevant instructions required by Bangladeshi nationals in the United Kingdom as well as UK nationals who wish to travel to Bangladesh. The site also attempts to provide links to other sites, both government and non-government, which provide additional information on Bangladesh. We hope that everyone visiting this site will find it useful and helpful. Please feel free to suggest improvements.



The revised consular fees will be in effect from 1st February 2017.(for details click here).

MRP (New/Renewal): £82.00

MRP (Student): £25.00

NVR (No Visa ): £41.00

Travel Permit: £21.00

Birth Certificate : £04.00


Power of Attorney should be processed in accordance with the rules stated in 'The Power of Attorney Act-2015'.

High Commission for the People's Republic of Bangladesh, 28 Queen's Gate, London SW7 5JA